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    • Characterization of intrinsic properties of promoters 

      Rudge, Timothy James; Brown, James Robert; Federici, Fernan; Dalchau, Neil; Phillips, Andrew; Ajioka, James W.; Haseloff, Jim (ACS, 2015-10-05)
      Accurate characterization of promoter behavior is essential for the rational design of functional synthetic transcription networks such as logic gates and oscillators. However, transcription rates observed from promoters ...
    • Computational modeling of the EGFR network elucidates control mechanisms regulating signal dynamics 

      Wang, Dennis Y. Q.; Cardelli, Luca; Phillips, Andrew; Piterman, Nir; Fisher, Jasmin (2009-12-22)
      Abstract Background The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling pathway plays a key role in regulation of cellular growth and development. While highly studied, it is still not fully understood how the signal is ...