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    • 2010 EPRG Public Opinion Survey: Policy Preferences and Energy Saving Measures 

      Platchkov, Laura M.; Pollitt, Michael G.; Reiner, David; Shaorshadze, Irina (Faculty of Economics, 2011-07)
      This paper presents results of the 2010 Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG) public opinion survey. The survey examines the energy policy preferences and attitudes of the British public, the potential for consumer ...
    • Demand-side Management Strategies and the Residential Sector: Lessons from International Experience 

      Haney, Aoife Brophy; Jamasb, Tooraj; Platchkov, Laura M.; Pollitt, Michael G. (Faculty of Economics, 2010-11)
      This paper explores demand side management (DSM) strategies, including both demand response and energy efficiency policies. The aim is to uncover what features might strengthen DSM effectiveness. We first look at key ...
    • The Economics of Energy (and Electricity) Demand 

      Platchkov, Laura M.; Pollitt, Michael G. (Faculty of Economics, 2011-04)
      Economic drivers, technologies and demand side management are keys in understanding the long-term trends of both energy and more specifically electricity consumption. This paper discusses some of the important economics ...