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    • A Biobank of Breast Cancer Explants with Preserved Intra-tumor Heterogeneity to Screen Anticancer Compounds 

      Bruna, Alejandra; Rueda, Oscar M; Greenwood, Wendy; Batra, Ankita Sati; Callari, Maurizio; Batra, Rajbir Nath; Pogrebniak, Katherine et al. (2016-09-22)
      The inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity of breast cancer needs to be adequately captured in pre-clinical models. We have created a large collection of breast cancer patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDTXs), in which the ...
    • Cancer stem cell markers in breast cancer: pathological, clinical and prognostic significance 

      Ali, Hamid Raza; Dawson, Sarah-Jane; Blows, Fiona M; Provenzano, Elena; Pharoah, Paul David; Caldas, Carlos Manuel (2011-11-23)
    • Computational pathology of pre-treatment biopsies identifies lymphocyte density as a predictor of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer 

      Ali, Hamid Raza; Dariush, Aliakbar; Provenzano, Elena; Bardwell, Helen; Abraham, Jean Elizabeth; Iddawela, Mahesh; Vallier, Anne-Laure et al. (2016-02-16)
    • Crowdsourcing the General Public for Large Scale Molecular Pathology Studies in Cancer 

      Candido, do Reis Francisco J; Lynn, Stuart; Ali, Hamid Raza; Eccles, Diana; Hanby, Andrew; Provenzano, Elena; Caldas, Carlos Manuel et al. (2015-05-09)
    • Decline in antigenicity of tumour markers by storage time using pathology sections cut from tissue micro-arrays 

      Blows, Fiona M; Ali, Hamid Raza; Dawson, Sarah-Jane; Le, Quesne John; Provenzano, Elena; Caldas, Carlos Manuel; Pharoah, Paul David (2015-06-05)
    • Familial relative risks for breast cancer by pathological subtype: a population-based cohort study 

      Mavaddat, Nasim; Pharoah, Paul David; Blows, Fiona; Driver, Kristy E; Provenzano, Elena; Thompson, Deborah Jane; MacInnis, Robert J et al. (2010-02-10)
    • Multifocal clonal evolution characterized using circulating tumor DNA in a case of metastatic breast cancer 

      Murtaza, Muhammed; Dawson, Sarah-­Jane; Pogrebniak, Katherine; Rueda, Oscar M; Provenzano, Elena; Grant, John; Chin, Suet-Feung et al. (2015-11-04)
    • Neoadjuvant trials in early breast cancer: pathological response at surgery and correlation to longer term outcomes – what does it all mean? 

      Earl, Helena Margaret; Provenzano, Elena; Abraham, Jean Elizabeth; Dunn, Janet; Vallier, Anne-Laure; Gounaris, Ioannis; Hiller, Louise (2015-09-22)
    • Performance of automated scoring of ER, PR, HER2, CK5/6 and EGFR in breast cancer tissue microarrays in the Breast Cancer Association Consortium 

      Howat, William; Blows, Fiona; Provenzano, Elena; Brook, Mark; Morris, Lorna; Gazinska, Patrycja; Johnson, Nicola et al. (2014-12-04)
    • Research data supporting "Crowdsourcing the General Public for Large Scale Molecular Pathology Studies in Cancer" 

      Candido do Reis, Francisco J.; Lynn, Stuart; Ali, H. Raza; Eccles, Diana; Hanby, Andrew; Provenzano, Elena; Caldas, Carlos et al. (2015-05-08)
    • The somatic mutation profiles of 2,433 breast cancers refine their genomic and transcriptomic landscapes 

      Pereira, Bernard; Chin, Suet-Feung; Rueda, Oscar M; Vollan, Hans-Kristian Moen; Provenzano, Elena; Bardwell, Helen A; Pugh, Michelle et al. (2016-05-10)
    • A tumor DNA complex aberration index is an independent predictor of survival in breast and ovarian cancer. 

      Vollan, Hans Kristian Moen; Rueda, Oscar M; Chin, Suet-Feung; Curtis, Christina; Turashvili, Gulisa; Shah, Sohrab; Lingjærde, Ole Christian et al. (2015-01)