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    • The Role of Tip Leakage Flow in Spike-Type Rotating Stall Inception 

      Hewkin Smith, Maximilian; Pullan, Graham; Grimshaw, SD; Greitzer, EM; Spakovszky, ZS
      This paper describes the role of tip leakage flow in creating the leading edge separation necessary for the onset of spike-type compressor rotating stall. A series of unsteady multi-passage simulations, supported by ...
    • Secondary Flow Control in Low Aspect Ratio Vanes Using Splitters 

      Clark, Christopher James; Pullan, Graham; Curtis, E; Groenaga, F (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2017-09)
      Low aspect ratio vanes, often the result of overall engine architecture constraints, create strong secondary flows and high end-wall loss. In this paper, a splitter concept is demonstrated that reduces secondary flow ...