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    • Molecular signatures of plastic phenotypes in two eusocial insect species with simple societies 

      Patalano, Solenn; Vlasova, Anna V; Wyatt, Chris; Ewels, Philip A; Camara, Francisco; Ferreira, Pedro G; Asher, Claire et al. (PNAS, 2015-11-10)
      Phenotypic plasticity is important in adaptation, and shapes the evolution of organisms. Yet, we understand little about what aspects of the genome are important in facilitating plasticity. Eusocial insect societies produce ...
    • Naive Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived Directly from Isolated Cells of the Human Inner Cell Mass 

      Guo, Ge; von, Meyenn Ferdinand; Santos, Fatima; Chen, Yaoyao; Reik, Wolf; Bertone, Paul Nicolas; Smith, Austin Gerard et al. (Elsevier (Cell Press), 2016-03-03)
      Conventional generation of stem cells from human blastocysts produces a developmentally advanced, or primed, stage of pluripotency. In vitro resetting to a more naive phenotype has been reported. However, whether the reset ...