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    • Economics and Politics of Shale Gas in Europe 

      Chyong, Chi Kong; Reiner, David M. (International Association for Energy Economics, 2015-01-01)
      In the wake of the dramatic growth in shale gas production in the United States, interest in shale gas exploration in Europe has been driven primarily by concerns over industrial competitiveness and energy security. A ...
    • The Economics of the Nord Stream Pipeline System 

      Chyong, Chi Kong; Noël, Pierre; Reiner, David M. (Faculty of Economics, 2010-09)
      We calculate the total cost of building Nord Stream and compare its levelised unit transportation cost with the existing options to transport Russian gas to western Europe. We find that the unit cost of shipping through ...
    • Learning through a Portfolio of Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects 

      Reiner, David M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-01-11)
      Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) technology is considered by many to be an essential route to meet climate mitigation targets in the power and industrial sectors. Deploying CCS technologies globally will first ...