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    • Predicting the pore-filling ratio in lumen-impregnated wood 

      Wu, Guanglu; Shah, Darshil Upendra; Janecek, E; Burridge, H; Reynolds, T; Fleming, P; Linden, Paul Frederick et al.
      Lumen impregnation, unlike most other wood modification methods, is typically assessed by the pore-filling ratio (PFR) (i.e. the fraction of luminal porosity filled) rather than by weight percentage gain (WPG). During lumen ...
    • Prelude: the future of structural bamboo 

      Ramage, M; Sharma, B; Gatoo, A; Konstantatou, Marina; Reynolds, T; Fereday, G; Fleming, P et al. (2015-08-17)
      Prelude demonstrates the possibilities for engineered bamboo in structural applications. Our pavilion is composed of a spiral pathway that cantilevers from the base and embodies the function of the Muziekgebouw through a ...
    • SN 2015bn: a detailed multi-wavelength view of a nearby superluminous supernova 

      Nicholl, M; Berger, E; Smartt, SJ; Margutti, R; Kamble, A; Alexander, KD; Chen, T-W et al. (2016-07-18)