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    • Increased cardiovascular mortality more than fifteen years after radiotherapy for breast cancer: a population-based study 

      Roychouduri, Rahul; Robinson, David; Putcha, Venkata; Cuzick, Jack; Darby, Sarah; Moller, Henrik (2007-01-15)
      Abstract Background Breast radiotherapy as practised in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in significant myocardial exposure, and this was higher when the left breast was treated. It has been proposed that this difference might ...
    • Search for heavy resonances decaying into a W or Z boson and a Higgs boson in final states with leptons and b-jets in 36 fb(-1) of root s=13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector 

      Aaboud, M; Aad, G; Abbott, B; Abdinov, O; Abeloos, B; Abidi, SH; AbouZeid, OS et al.
      A search is conducted for new resonances decaying into a W or Z boson and a 125 GeV Higgs boson in the νν¯¯¯bb¯¯, ℓ±νbb¯¯, and ℓ+ℓ−bb¯¯ final states, where ℓ± = e± or μ±, in pp collisions at s√=13 TeV. The data used ...