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    • Biases in Drosophila melanogaster protein trap screens 

      Aleksic, Jelena; Lazic, Ranko; Muller, Ilka; Russell, Steven R; Adryan, Boris (2009-05-28)
      Abstract Background The ability to localise or follow endogenous proteins in real time in vivo is of tremendous utility for cell biology or systems biology studies. Protein trap screens utilise the random genomic insertion ...
    • Conserved genomic organisation of Group B Sox genes in insects. 

      McKimmie, Carol; Woerfel, Gertrud; Russell, Steven R (2005-05-19)
      Abstract Background Sox domain containing genes are important metazoan transcriptional regulators implicated in a wide rage of developmental processes. The vertebrate B subgroup contains the Sox1, Sox2 and Sox3 genes that ...
    • FlyMine: an integrated database for Drosophila and Anopheles genomics 

      Lyne, Rachel; Smith, Richard; Rutherford, Kim; Wakeling, Matthew; Varley, Andrew; Guillier, Francois; Janssens, Hilde et al. (2007-07-05)
      Abstract FlyMine is a data warehouse that addresses one of the important challenges of modern biology: how to integrate and make use of the diversity and volume of current biological data. Its main focus is genomic and ...
    • Genomic analysis of heat-shock factor targets in Drosophila 

      Birch-Machin, Ian; Gao, Shan; Huen, David S; McGirr, Richard; White, Robert A H; Russell, Steven R (2005-06-10)
      Abstract We have used a chromatin immunoprecipitation-microarray (ChIP-array) approach to investigate the in vivo targets of heat-shock factor (Hsf) in Drosophila embryos. We show that this method identifies Hsf target ...
    • On the use of resampling tests for evaluating statistical significance of binding-site co-occurrence 

      Huen, David S; Russell, Steven R (2010-06-30)
      Abstract Background In eukaryotes, most DNA-binding proteins exert their action as members of large effector complexes. The presence of these complexes are revealed in high-throughput genome-wide assays by the co-occurrence ...