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    • Open Access and the Chemical Semantic Web 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Rzepa, Henry S (2004-11-21)
    • Representation and use of Chemistry in the Global Electronic Age 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Rzepa, Henry S; Tyrrell, Simon M; Zhang, Yong (2004-09-30)
    • A semantic Grid for molecular science 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Glen, Robert C; Rzepa, Henry S; Stewart, James J P; Townsend, Joseph A; Willighagen, Egon L; Yong, Zhang (2008-06-26)
      The properties of molecules have very well defined semantics and allow the creation of a semantic GRID. Markup languages (CML - Chemical Markup Language) and dictionary-based ontologies have been designed to support a wide ...
    • Semantic physical science 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Rzepa, Henry S (2012-08-03)
    • WWMM/CML Framework 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Rzepa, Henry S; Blue Obelisk; Quixote Project; eMinerals Project (Murray-Rust group, Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 2011-07-05)
      The World-Wide Molecular Matrix (2001-) is a design for capture and re-use of chemical information using Open semantic tools. There is no centre; scientists publish to the Matrix and re-use data from it. All data is Open. ...