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    • In vivo MRI-based simulation of fatigue process: a possible trigger for human carotid atherosclerotic plaque rupture 

      Huang, Yuan; Teng, Zhongzhao; Sadat, Umar; He, Jing; Graves, Martin J.; Gillard, Jonathan H. (2013-04-23)
      Abstract Background Atherosclerotic plaque is subjected to a repetitive deformation due to arterial pulsatility during each cardiac cycle and damage may be accumulated over a time period causing fibrous cap (FC) fatigue, ...
    • Peroneal artery pseudoaneurysm - a case report and literature review 

      Sadat, Umar; See, Teikchoon; Cousins, Claire; Hayes, Paul; Gaunt, Michael E. (2007-03-29)
      Abstract Background Aneurysms of the peroneal artery are infrequent and consist mainly of pseudoaneurysms. Case presentation This report describes an unusual case of peroneal pseudoaneurysm developing after thromoboembolectomy ...
    • Role of carotid duplex imaging in carotid screening programmes- an overview 

      Saleem, Muhammad A.; Sadat, Umar; Walsh, Stewart R.; Young, Victoria E.; Gillard, Jonathan H.; Cooper, David G.; Gaunt, Michael E. (2008-07-04)
      Abstract Background Stroke is the third most common cause of death in the UK and the largest single cause of severe disability. Each year more than 110,000 people in England suffer from a stroke which costs the National ...