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    • Evolutionary Novelty in a Butterfly Wing Pattern through Enhancer Shuffling 

      Wallbank, Richard William; Baxter, Simon W; Pardo-Díaz, Carolina; Hanly, Joseph J; Martin, Simon Henry; Mallet, James; Dasmahapatra, Kanchon K et al. (2016-01-15)
    • The gene cortex controls mimicry and crypsis in butterflies and moths 

      Nadeau, Nicola J; Pardo-Diaz, Carolina; Whibley, Annabel; Supple, Megan; Saenko, Suzanne V; Wallbank, Richard William; Wu, Grace C et al. (2016-06-01)
      The wing patterns of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) are diverse and striking examples of evolutionary diversification by natural selection. Lepidopteran wing colour patterns are a key innovation, consisting of arrays ...
    • Gene flow and the genealogical history of Heliconius heurippa 

      Salazar, Camilo; Jiggins, Christopher David; Taylor, Jesse E; Kronforst, Marcus R; Linares, Mauricio (2008-05-02)
    • Genetic diversity of Phytophthora infestans in the Northern-Andean region 

      Cardenas, Martha; Grajales, Alejandro; Sierra, Roberto; Rojas, Alejandro; Gonzalez-Almario, Adriana; Vargas, Angela; Marin, Mauricio et al. (2011-02-09)
      Abstract Background Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary, the causal agent of potato late blight, is responsible for tremendous crop losses worldwide. Countries in the northern part of the Andes dedicate a large proportion ...
    • An introgressed wing pattern acts as a mating cue 

      Sánchez, Angela P; Pardo-Diaz, Carolina; Enciso-Romero, Juan; Muñoz, Astrid; Jiggins, Christopher David; Salazar, Camilo; Linares, Mauricio (2015-05-27)
    • Towards the identification of the loci of adaptive 2 evolution 

      Pardo-Diaz, Carolina; Salazar, Camilo; Jiggins, Christopher David (2015-02-12)