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    • Improving ontologies by automatic reasoning and evaluation of logical definitions 

      Kohler, Sebastian; Bauer, Sebastian; Mungall, Chris J.; Carletti, Gabriele; Smith, Cynthia L.; Schofield, Paul; Gkoutos, Georgios V. et al. (2011-10-27)
      Abstract Background Ontologies are widely used to represent knowledge in biomedicine. Systematic approaches for detecting errors and disagreements are needed for large ontologies with hundreds or thousands of terms and ...
    • Towards the integration of mouse databases - definition and implementation of solutions to two use-cases in mouse functional genomics 

      Gruenberger, Michael; Alberts, Rudi; Smedley, Damian; Swertz, Morris A; Schofield, Paul; Consortium, Casimir; Schughart, Klaus (2010-01-22)
      Abstract Background The integration of information present in many disparate biological databases represents a major challenge in biomedical research. To define the problems and needs, and to explore strategies for database ...
    • XGAP: a uniform and extensible data model and software platform for genotype and phenotype experiments 

      Swertz, Morris A.; van der Velde, K. Joeri; Tesson, Bruno M.; Scheltema, Richard A.; Arends, Danny; Vera, Gonzalo; Alberts, Rudi et al. (2010-03-09)
      Abstract We present an extensible software model for the genotype and phenotype community, XGAP. Readers can download a standard XGAP ( or auto-generate a custom version using MOLGENIS with programming ...