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    • A cluster randomised controlled trial of an occupational therapy intervention for residents with stroke living in UK care homes (OTCH): study protocol 

      Sackley, Cath M.; Burton, Chris R.; Herron-Marx, Sandy; Lett, Karen; Mant, Jonathan; Roalfe, Andrea K.; Sharp, Leslie J. et al. (2012-07-09)
      AbstractBackgroundThe occupational therapy (OT) in care homes study (OTCH) aims to investigate the effect of a targeted course of individual OT (with task training, provision of adaptive equipment, minor environmental ...
    • DOMINO-AD protocol: donepezil and memantine in moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease - a multicentre RCT 

      Jones, Rob; Sheehan, Bart; Phillips, Patrick; Juszczak, Ed; Adams, Jessica; Baldwin, Ashley; Ballard, Clive et al. (2009-07-24)
      Abstract Background Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the commonest cause of dementia. Cholinesterase inhibitors, such as donepezil, are the drug class with the best evidence of efficacy, licensed for mild to moderate AD, while ...
    • An occupational therapy intervention for residents with stroke related disabilities in UK care homes (OTCH): cluster randomised controlled trial 

      Sackley, Catherine M.; Walker, Marion F.; Burton, Chris R.; Watkins, Caroline L.; Mant, Jonathan; Roalfe, Andrea K.; Wheatley, Keith et al. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2015-02-05)
      Objective To evaluate the clinical efficacy of an established programme of occupational therapy in maintaining functional activity and reducing further health risks from inactivity in care home residents living with stroke ...