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    • Report from the Second Cytomegalovirus and Immunosenescence Workshop 

      Wills, Mark; Akbar, Arne; Beswick, Mark; Bosch, Jos A.; Caruso, Calogero; Colonna-Romano, Giuseppina; Dutta, Ambarish et al. (2011-10-28)
      Abstract The Second International Workshop on CMV & Immunosenescence was held in Cambridge, UK, 2-4th December, 2010. The presentations covered four separate sessions: cytomegalovirus and T cell phenotypes; T cell memory ...
    • Sleepless latency of human cytomegalovirus 

      Poole, Emma; Sinclair, John (Springer, 2015-03-14)
      As with all human herpesviruses, human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) persists for the lifetime of the host by establishing a latent infection, which is broken by periodic reactivation events. One site of HCMV latency is in the ...