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    • British Episodic Economic Growth 1850-1938 

      Solomou, Solomos; Ristuccia, Cristiano A. (Faculty of Economics, 2004-06-16)
      This paper argues that non-random measurement errors in the estimates of British Gross Domestic Product makes the compromise estimate a biased indicator of medium-term economic growth. Since the compromise estimate of ...
    • Effective Exchange Rates in Japan, 1879-1938 

      Shimazaki, Masao; Solomou, Solomos (Faculty of Economics, 2004-06-16)
      This paper constructs nominal and real multilateral effective exchange rates ffor Japan during the period 1879-1938. Existing studies of Japanese quantitative economic history have tended to use the dollar-yen bilateral ...
    • Electricity Diffusion and Trend Acceleration in Inter-War Manufacturing Productivity 

      Ristuccia, Cristiano A.; Solomou, Solomos (Faculty of Economics, 2004-06-16)
      This paper evaluates the link between the diffusion of electricity and the increase in labour productivity growth in the manufacturing sector during the inter-war period. A comparative analysis of the USA, Britain, ...
    • General Purpose Technologies and Economic Growth: Electricity Diffusion in the Manufacturing Sector Before WWII 

      Ristuccia, Cristiano Andrea; Solomou, Solomos (Faculty of Economics, 2010-09)
      This paper evaluates the diffusion of electricity within the context of a GPT perspective. The paper develops a new comparative data set on the usage of electricity in the manufacturing sectors of the US, Britain, France, ...
    • Monthly and Quarterly GDP Estimates for Interwar Britain 

      Mitchell, James; Solomou, Solomos; Weale, Martin (Faculty of Economics, 2009-11)
    • Monthly GDP Estimates for Inter-War Britain 

      Mitchell, James; Solomou, Solomos; Weale, Martin (Faculty of Economics, 2011-09)
      We derive monthly and quarterly series of UK GDP for the inter-war period from a set of monthly indicators that were constructed by The Economist at the time. The monthly information is complemented with data for quarterly ...
    • Trade and Economic Growth: Historical Evidence 

      Schularick, M.; Solomou, Solomos (Faculty of Economics, 2009-09)
    • Weather Effects on European Agricultural Output 1850-1913 

      Solomou, Solomos; Wu, Weike (Faculty of Economics, 2004-06-16)
      This paper compares the effects of weather shocks on agricultural production in Britain, France and Germany during the late nineteenth century. Using semi- parametric models to estimate the non-linear agro-weather ...