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    • Growth control of the eukaryote cell: A systems biology study in yeast 

      Castrillo, Juan I.; Zeef, Leo A.; Hoyle, David C.; Zhang, Nianshu; Hayes, Andrew; Gardner, David C. J.; Cornell, Michael J. et al. (2007-04-30)
      Abstract Background Cell growth underlies many key cellular and developmental processes, yet a limited number of studies have been carried out on cell-growth regulation. Comprehensive studies at the transcriptional, proteomic ...
    • Information management for high content live cell imaging 

      Jameson, Daniel; Turner, David A; Ankers, John; Kennedy, Stephnie; Ryan, Sheila; Swainston, Neil; Griffiths, Tony et al. (2009-07-21)
      Abstract Background High content live cell imaging experiments are able to track the cellular localisation of labelled proteins in multiple live cells over a time course. Experiments using high content live cell imaging ...