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    • Towards the integration of mouse databases - definition and implementation of solutions to two use-cases in mouse functional genomics 

      Gruenberger, Michael; Alberts, Rudi; Smedley, Damian; Swertz, Morris A; Schofield, Paul; Consortium, Casimir; Schughart, Klaus (2010-01-22)
      Abstract Background The integration of information present in many disparate biological databases represents a major challenge in biomedical research. To define the problems and needs, and to explore strategies for database ...
    • XGAP: a uniform and extensible data model and software platform for genotype and phenotype experiments 

      Swertz, Morris A; van, der Velde K Joeri; Tesson, Bruno M; Scheltema, Richard A; Arends, Danny; Vera, Gonzalo; Alberts, Rudi et al. (2010-03-09)
      We present an extensible software model for the genotype and phenotype community, XGAP. Readers can download a standard XGAP ( or auto-generate a custom version using MOLGENIS with programming interfaces ...