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    • Factors associated with mosquito net use by individuals in households owning nets in Ethiopia 

      Graves, Patricia M.; Ngondi, Jeremiah M.; Hwang, Jimee; Getachew, Asefaw; Gebre, Teshome; Mosher, Aryc W.; Patterson, Amy E. et al. (2011-12-13)
      Abstract Background Ownership of insecticidal mosquito nets has dramatically increased in Ethiopia since 2006, but the proportion of persons with access to such nets who use them has declined. It is important to understand ...
    • Malaria prevalence and mosquito net coverage in Oromia and SNNPR regions of Ethiopia 

      Shargie, Estifanos B.; Gebre, Teshome; Ngondi, Jeremiah; Graves, Patricia M.; Mosher, Aryc W.; Emerson, Paul M.; Ejigsemahu, Yeshewamebrat et al. (2008-09-21)
      Abstract Background Malaria transmission in Ethiopia is unstable and seasonal, with the majority of the country's population living in malaria-prone areas. Results from DHS 2005 indicate that the coverage of key malaria ...