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    • MACiE: a database of enzyme reaction mechanisms 

      Holliday, Gemma L; Bartlett, Gail J; Almonacid, Daniel E; O'Boyle, Noel M; Murray-Rust, Peter; Thornton, Janet M; Mitchell, John BO (OUP, 2005-09-27)
      MACiE (mechanism, annotation and classification in enzymes) is a publicly available web-based database, held in CMLReact (an XML application), that aims to help our understanding of the evolution of enzyme catalytic ...
    • Relationship between the tissue-specificity of mouse gene expression and the evolutionary origin and function of the proteins 

      Freilich, Shiri; Massingham, Tim; Bhattacharyya, Sumit; Ponstingl, Hannes; Lyons, Paul Anthony; Freeman, Tom C; Thornton, Janet M (2005-06-29)
      Abstract Background The combination of complete genome sequence information with expression data enables us to characterize the relationship between a protein's evolutionary origin or functional category and its expression ...