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    • Is It Time to Beta Block the Septic Patient? 

      Pemberton, Philip; Veenith, Tonny; Snelson, Catherine; Whitehouse, Tony (2015-10-18)
      Beta blockers are some of the most studied drugs in the pharmacopoeia. They are already widely used in medicine for treating hypertension, chronic heart failure, tachyarrhythmias, and tremor. Whilst their use in the immediate ...
    • Molecular mechanisms of traumatic brain injury; the missing link in management 

      Veenith, Tonny; Goon, Serena H.; Burnstein, Rowan M. (2009-02-02)
      Abstract Head injury is common, sometimes requires intensive care unit admission, and is associated with significant mortality and morbidity. A gap still remains in the understanding of the molecular mechanism of this ...
    • Perioperative care of a patient with stroke 

      Veenith, Tonny; Din, Asmat H.; Eaton, Danielle M. J.; Burnstein, Rowan M. (2010-11-20)
      Abstract Strokes and TIAs, with their high cumulative mortality and morbidity rates, are occurring with increasing frequency in western population 1 4 . As such, it is vital for clinicians to provide optimal medical ...