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    • Molecular mechanisms of traumatic brain injury; the missing link in management 

      Veenith, Tonny; Goon, Serena H.; Burnstein, Rowan M. (2009-02-02)
      Abstract Head injury is common, sometimes requires intensive care unit admission, and is associated with significant mortality and morbidity. A gap still remains in the understanding of the molecular mechanism of this ...
    • Perioperative care of a patient with stroke 

      Veenith, Tonny; Din, Asmat H.; Eaton, Danielle M. J.; Burnstein, Rowan M. (2010-11-20)
      Abstract Strokes and TIAs, with their high cumulative mortality and morbidity rates, are occurring with increasing frequency in western population 1 4 . As such, it is vital for clinicians to provide optimal medical ...