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    • JUMBO - An XML infrastructure for eScience 

      Yong, Zhang; Murray-Rust, Peter; Dove, Martin T; Glen, Robert C; Rzepa, Henry S; Townsend, Joseph A; Tyrrell, Simon M et al. (2008-06-26)
      JUMBO is an OpenSource toolkit addressing the semantic and ontological impedances that are major barriers to interoperability in computational chemistry and physics. Users build XMLSchemas from generic XML components to ...
    • The use of CML and CML in Computational Chemistry and Physics Programs 

      Wakelin, Jon; Garcia, A; Murray-Rust, Peter (2008-06-26)
      This work addresses problems associated with data exchange and data representation in the computational chemistry and physics communities. Recent computational developments, such as Condor and the Grid, have paved the ...