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    • A genomic approach to therapeutic target validation identifies a glucose-lowering GLP1R variant protective for coronary heart disease 

      Scott, Robert; Freitag, Daniel F; Li, Li; Chu, Audrey Y; Surendran, Praveen; Young, Robin; Grarup, Niels et al. (2016-06-01)
    • Parallel evolution of conserved non-coding elements that target a common set of developmental regulatory genes from worms to humans 

      Vavouri, Tanya; Walter, Klaudia; Gilks, Walter R.; Lehner, Ben; Elgar, Greg (2007-02-02)
      Abstract Background The human genome contains thousands of non-coding sequences that are often more conserved between vertebrate species than protein-coding exons. These highly conserved non-coding elements (CNEs) are ...
    • Some statistical properties of regulatory DNA sequences, and their use in predicting regulatory regions in the Drosophilagenome: the fluffy-tail test 

      Abnizova, Irina; te Boekhorst, Rene; Walter, Klaudia; Gilks, Walter R. (2005-04-27)
      Abstract Background This paper addresses the problem of recognising DNA cis-regulatory modules which are located far from genes. Experimental procedures for this are slow and costly, and computational methods are hard, ...