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    • Effect of Media Usage Selection on Social Mobilization Speed: Facebook vs E-Mail 

      Wang, Jing; Madnick, Stuart; Li, Xitong; Alstott, Jeff; Velu, Chander (PLoS, 2015-09-30)
      Social mobilization is a process that enlists a large number of people to achieve a goal within a limited time, especially through the use of social media. There is increasing interest in understanding the factors that ...
    • Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition) 

      Klionsky, Daniel J; Abdelmohsen, Kotb; Abe, Akihisa; Abedin, Md Joynal; Abeliovich, Hagai; Arozena, Abraham Acevedo; Adachi, Hiroaki et al. (2016-01-21)
    • Particle Emission Characteristics of a Gas Turbine with a Double Annular Combustor 

      Boies, Adam Meyer; Stettler, Marc EJ; Swanson, Jacob J; Johnson, Jacob J; Johnson, Tyler J; Olfert, Jason S; Eggersdorfer, Max L et al. (2015-07-15)
    • Variable sexually dimorphic gene-expression in laboratory strains of Drosophila melanogaster 

      Baker, Dean Adam; Meadows, Lisa A; Wang, Jing; Dow, Julian AT; Russell, Steven (2007-12-10)