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    • Olfactory ensheathing glia are required for embryonic olfactory axon targeting and the migration of gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons 

      Barraud, Perrine; St, John James A; Stolt, C Claus; Wegner, Michael; Baker, Clare Victoria (2013-01-21)
    • The Transcription Factor Encyclopedia 

      Yusuf, Dimas; Butland, Stefanie L.; Swanson, Magdalena I.; Bolotin, Eugene; Ticoll, Amy; Cheung, Warren A.; Cindy Zhang, Xiao Y. et al. (2012-03-29)
      Abstract Here we present the Transcription Factor Encyclopedia (TFe), a new web-based compendium of mini review articles on transcription factors (TFs) that is founded on the principles of open access and collaboration. ...