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    • Cep70 and Cep131 contribute to ciliogenesis in zebrafish embryos 

      Wilkinson, Christopher J; Carl, Matthias; Harris, William Anthony (2009-03-02)
      Abstract Background The centrosome is the cell's microtubule organising centre, an organelle with important roles in cell division, migration and polarity. However, cells can divide and flies can, for a large part of ...
    • Polarization and orientation of retinal ganglion cells in vivo 

      Zolessi, Flavio R; Poggi, Lucia; Wilkinson, Christopher J; Chien, Chi-Bin; Harris, William Anthony (2006-10-13)
      Abstract In the absence of external cues, neurons in vitro polarize by using intrinsic mechanisms. For example, cultured hippocampal neurons extend arbitrarily oriented neurites and then one of these, usually the one nearest ...