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    • Integrating systems biology models and biomedical ontologies 

      Hoehndorf, Robert; Dumontier, Michel; Gennari, John H; Wimalaratne, Sarala; de, Bono Bernard; Cook, Daniel L; Gkoutos, Georgios Vasileios (2011-08-11)
      Abstract Background Systems biology is an approach to biology that emphasizes the structure and dynamic behavior of biological systems and the interactions that occur within them. To succeed, systems biology crucially ...
    • The RICORDO approach to semantic interoperability for biomedical data and models: strategy, standards and solutions. 

      de, Bono Bernard; Hoehndorf, Robert; Wimalaratne, Sarala; Gkoutos, George; Grenon, Pierre (2011-08-30)
      Abstract Background The practice and research of medicine generates considerable quantities of data and model resources (DMRs). Although in principle biomedical resources are re-usable, in practice few can currently be ...