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    • Synthesis and stability of xenon oxides Xe2O5 and Xe3O2 under pressure 

      Dewaele, Agnès; Worth, Nicholas; Pickard, Christopher James; Needs, Richard James; Pascarelli, Sakura; Mathon, Olivier; Mezouar, Mohamed et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-05-30)
      The noble gases are the most inert atomic group, but their reactivity increases with pressure. Diamond-anvil-cell experiments and ab initio modelling have been used to investigate a possible direct reaction between xenon ...
    • Tomographic PIV measurement of coherent dissipation scale structures 

      Worth, Nicholas (2010-05-04)
      Further understanding the small scale coherent structures which occur in high Reynolds number turbulence would be of enormous benefit. Therefore, the aim of the current project was to make well resolved three-dimensional ...