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    • Fast Response and High Sensitivity ZnO/glass Surface Acoustic Wave Humidity Sensors Using Graphene Oxide Sensing Layer 

      Xuan, Weipeng; He, Mei; Meng, Nan; He, Xingli; Wang, Wenbo; Chen, Jinkai; Shi, Tianjin et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-11-26)
      We report ZnO/glass surface acoustic wave (SAW) humidity sensors with high sensitivity and fast response using graphene oxide sensing layer. The frequency shift of the sensors is exponentially correlated to the humidity ...
    • R/BHC: fast Bayesian hierarchical clustering for microarray data 

      Savage, Richard S.; Heller, Katherine; Xu, Yang; Ghahramani, Zoubin; Truman, William M.; Grant, Murray; Denby, Katherine J. et al. (2009-08-06)
      Abstract Background Although the use of clustering methods has rapidly become one of the standard computational approaches in the literature of microarray gene expression data analysis, little attention has been paid to ...
    • Solvent-Based Soft-Patterning of Graphene Lateral Heterostructures for Broadband High-Speed Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors 

      Xu, Yang; Ali, Ayaz; Shehzad, Khurram; Meng, Nan; Xu, Mingsheng; Zhang, Yuhan; Wang, Xinran et al. (Wiley, 2017-02)
      Solvents are essential in synthesis, transfer, and device fabrication of 2D materials and their functionalized forms. Controllable tuning of the structure and properties of these materials using common solvents can pave ...