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    • Multidirectional chromosome painting substantiates the occurrence of extensive genomic reshuffling within Accipitriformes 

      Nie, Wenhui; O’Brien, Patricia CM; Fu, Beiyuan; Wang, Jinghuan; Su, Weiting; He, Kai; Bed’Hom, Bertrand et al. (2015-09-26)
    • The pig X and Y Chromosomes: structure, sequence, and evolution 

      Skinner, Benjamin Matthew; Sargent, Carole Anne; Churcher, Carol; Hunt, Toby; Herrero, Javier; Loveland, Jane E; Dunn, Matt et al. (2015-11-11)
    • Sequence of a complete chicken BG haplotype shows dynamic expansion and contraction of two gene lineages with particular expression patterns 

      Salomonsen, Jan; Chattaway, John A; Chan, Andrew CY; Parker, Aimée; Huguet, Samuel; Marston, Denise A; Rogers, Sally L et al. (PLOS, 2014-06-05)
      Many genes important in immunity are found as multigene families. The butyrophilin genes are members of the B7 family, playing diverse roles in co-regulation and perhaps in antigen presentation. In humans, a fixed number ...