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    • Developing Web Services in a Computational Grid Environment 

      Yang, Xiaobo; Hayes, Mark; Usher, Andrew; Spivack, Mark (2008-06-26)
      Grid and Web services are both hot topics today. In this paper, we will present some ongoing work and planned future work at the Cambridge eScience Centre. After an introduction to these technologies in the context of Grid ...
    • Distributed computational fluid dynamics 

      Jenkins, K.; Yang, Xiaobo; Hayes, Mark; Cant, Stewart R. (2008-06-26)
      Computational fluid dynamics simulations of relevance to jet-engine design, for instance, are extremely computationally demanding and the use of large-scale distributed computing will allow the solution of problems that ...
    • Visualisation and Grid applications of electromagnetic scattering from aircraft 

      Spivack, Mark; Usher, Andrew; Yang, Xiaobo; Hayes, Mark (2008-06-26)
      Electromagnetic scattering behaviour plays a central role in the design of aircraft and other complex structures. This paper describes progress on visualisation tools in this area and on initial development of a web ...