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    • Exchange Rate Monitoring Bands: Theory and Policy 

      Corrado, Luisa; Miller, Marcus; Zhang, Lei (Faculty of Economics, 2004-06-16)
      Recent empirical research by Mark Taylor and coauthors has found evidence of hybrid dynamics for real exchange rates. While there is a random walk near equilibrium, for real exchange rates some distance from equilibrium ...
    • Hysteria and Femininity: A Tentative Investigation into a Victorian and Edwardian Myth 

      Zhang, Lei (Association of Cambridge Studies, 2012)
    • Meeting abstracts from the 64th British Thyroid Association Annual Meeting 

      Bartalena, Luigi; Fliers, Eric; Hellen, Nicola; Taylor, Peter N; Lacey, Arron; Thayer, Daniel; Yusof, Mohd D et al. (2017-02-13)