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    • Representation and use of Chemistry in the Global Electronic Age 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Rzepa, Henry S; Tyrrell, Simon M; Zhang, Yong (2004-09-30)
      We present an overview of the current state of public semantic chemistry and propose new approaches at a strategic and a detailed level. We show by example how a model for a chemical semantic web can be constructed using ...
    • The semantic architecture of the World-Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM) 

      Murray-Rust, Peter; Adams, Sam E.; Downing, Jim; Townsend, Joe A.; Zhang, Yong (2011-10-14)
      Abstract The World-Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM) is a ten year project to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) system for the publication and collection of chemical objects, including over 250, 000 molecules. It has now been ...