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    • Identification of novel risk loci for restless legs syndrome in genome-wide association studies in individuals of European ancestry: a meta-analysis. 

      Schormair, Barbara; Zhao, Chen; Bell, Steven; Tilch, Erik; Salminen, Aaro V; Pütz, Benno; Dauvilliers, Yves et al. (Elsevier, 2017-11-01)
      BACKGROUND: Restless legs syndrome is a prevalent chronic neurological disorder with potentially severe mental and physical health consequences. Clearer understanding of the underlying pathophysiology is needed to improve ...
    • Replication and characterization of CADM2 and MSRA genes on human behavior. 

      Boutwell, Brian; Hinds, David; 23andMe Research Team,; Tielbeek, Jorim; Ong, Ken; Day, Felix Ranulf; Perry, John Richard (2017-07-26)