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    • COSMOGRAIL: the COSmological MOnitoring of GRAvItational Lenses XVI. Time delays for the quadruply imaged quasar DES J0408−5354 with high-cadence photometric monitoring 

      Courbin, F; Bonvin, V; Buckley-Geer, E; Fassnacht, CD; Frieman, J; Lin, H; Marshall, PJ et al. (EDP Sciences, 2018-01-09)
      © ESO, 2018. We present time-delay measurements for the new quadruple imaged quasar DES J04085354, the first quadruple imaged quasar found in the Dark Energy Survey (DES). Our result is made possible by implementing a new ...
    • UV-luminous, star-forming hosts of z similar to 2 reddened quasars in the Dark Energy Survey 

      Wethers, CF; Banerji, Mandakranta; Hewett, Paul Charles; Lemon, CA; McMahon, Richard Gerard; Reed, Sophie; Shen, Y et al. (Oxford University Press, 2018-04)
      We present the first rest-frame UV population study of 17 heavily reddened, high-luminosity (E(B-V)$_{\rm{QSO}}\gtrsim$ 0.5; L$_{\rm{bol}}>$ 10$^{46}$ergs$^{-1}$) broad-line quasars at $1.5 < z < 2.7$. We combine the first ...