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    • Cell proliferation in the Drosophila adult brain revealed by clonal analysis and bromodeoxyuridine labelling 

      von Trotha, Jakob W.; Egger, Boris; Brand, Andrea H. (2009-03-02)
      Abstract Background The production of new neurons during adulthood and their subsequent integration into a mature central nervous system have been shown to occur in all vertebrate species examined to date. However, the ...
    • Regulation of spindle orientation and neural stem cell fate in the Drosophilaoptic lobe 

      Egger, Boris; Boone, Jason Q.; Stevens, Naomi R.; Brand, Andrea H.; Doe, Chris Q. (2007-01-05)
      Abstract Background The choice of a stem cell to divide symmetrically or asymmetrically has profound consequences for development and disease. Unregulated symmetric division promotes tumor formation, whereas inappropriate ...
    • Transcriptional signature of an adult brain tumor in Drosophila 

      Loop, Thomas; Leemans, Ronny; Stiefel, Urs; Hermida, Leandro; Egger, Boris; Xie, Fukang; Primig, Michael et al. (2004-04-16)
      Abstract Background Mutations and gene expression alterations in brain tumors have been extensively investigated, however the causes of brain tumorigenesis are largely unknown. Animal models are necessary to correlate ...