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    • Efficient APC/C substrate degradation in cells undergoing mitotic exit depends on K11 ubiquitin linkages 

      Min, Mingwei; Mevissen, Tycho E. T.; de Luca, Maria; Komander, David; Lindon, Catherine (American Society for Cell Biology, 2015-10-07)
      The ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) directs programmed destruction of key cellular regulators via post-translational modification of its targets with polyubiquitin chains. These commonly contain Lysine 48 (K48)-directed ...
    • Multiple phosphorylation events control mitotic degradation of the muscle transcription factor Myf5 

      Doucet, Christine; Gutierrez, Gustavo J.; Lindon, Catherine; Lorca, Thierry; Lledo, Gwendaline; Pinset, Christian; Coux, Olivier (2005-12-01)
      Abstract Background The two myogenic regulatory factors Myf5 and MyoD are basic helix-loop-helix muscle transcription factors undergoing differential cell cycle dependent proteolysis in proliferating myoblasts. This regulated ...
    • Ubiquitin-Mediated Degradation of Aurora Kinases 

      Lindon, Catherine; Grant, Rhys; Min, Mingwei (Frontiers, 2016-01-18)
      The Aurora kinases are essential regulators of mitosis in eukaryotes. In somatic cell divisions of higher eukaryotes, the paralogs Aurora kinase A (AurA) and Aurora kinase B (AurB) play non-overlapping roles that depend ...