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    • Metabolic changes in schizophrenia and human brain evolution 

      Khaitovich, Philipp; Lockstone, Helen E; Wayland, Matthew Thomas; Tsang, Tsz M; Jayatilaka, Samantha D; Guo, Arfu J; Zhou, Jie et al. (2008-08-05)
      Abstract Background Despite decades of research, the molecular changes responsible for the evolution of human cognitive abilities remain unknown. Comparative evolutionary studies provide detailed information about DNA ...
    • Mitochondrial genomes reveal an explosive radiation of extinct and extant bears near the Miocene-Pliocene boundary 

      Krause, Johannes; Unger, Tina; Nocon, Aline; Malaspinas, Anna-Sapfo; Kolokotronis, Sergios-Orestis; Stiller, Mathias; Soibelzon, Leopoldo et al. (2008-07-28)
      Abstract Background Despite being one of the most studied families within the Carnivora, the phylogenetic relationships among the members of the bear family (Ursidae) have long remained unclear. Widely divergent topologies ...
    • Systematic analysis of gene expression in human brains before and after death 

      Franz, Henriette; Ullmann, Claudia; Becker, Albert; Ryan, Margaret; Bahn, Sabine; Arendt, Thomas; Simon, Matthias et al. (2005-12-30)
      Abstract Background Numerous studies have employed microarray techniques to study changes in gene expression in connection with human disease, aging and evolution. The vast majority of human samples available for research ...