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    • Gravito-turbulence and the excitation of small-scale parametric instability in astrophysical discs 

      Riols, A; Latter, Henrik Nils; Paardekooper, S-J (Oxford University Press, 2017-10-11)
      Young protoplanetary discs and the outer radii of active galactic nuclei may be subject to gravitational instability and, as a consequence, fall into a ‘gravitoturbulent’ state. While in this state, appreciable angular ...
    • Planet Formation Imager (PFI): science vision and key requirements 

      Kraus, S; Monnier, JD; Ireland, MJ; Duchene, G; Espaillat, C; Honig, S; Juhasz, Attila et al. (SPIE, 2016-08-04)
      The Planet Formation Imager (PFI) project aims to provide a strong scientific vision for ground-based optical astronomy beyond the upcoming generation of Extremely Large Telescopes. We make the case that a breakthrough in ...
    • Spiral arms in scattered light images of protoplanetary discs: are they the signposts of planets? 

      Juhász, A; Benisty, M; Pohl, A; Dullemond, CP; Dominik, C; Paardekooper, S-J (Oxford University Press, 2015-06-05)
      One of the striking discoveries of protoplanetary disc research in recent years are the spiral arms seen in several transitional discs in polarized scattered light. An interesting interpretation of the observed spiral ...