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    • SDSS IV MaNGA: Discovery of an Hα Blob Associated with a Dry Galaxy Pair—Ejected Gas or a "Dark" Galaxy Candidate? 

      Lin, L; Lin, JH; Hsu, CH; Fu, H; Huang, S; Sánchez, SF; Gwyn, S et al. (IOP Publishing, 2017-02-28)
      We report the discovery of a mysterious giant Hα blob that is ~8 kpc away from the main MaNGA target 1-24145, one component of a dry galaxy merger, and has been identified in the first-year SDSS-IV MaNGA data. The size of ...
    • SDSS-IV MaNGA: A serendipitous observation of a potential gas accretion event 

      Cheung, E; Stark, DV; Huang, S; Rubin, KHR; Lin, L; Tremonti, C; Zhang, K et al. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2016-11-30)
      The nature of warm, ionized gas outside of galaxies may illuminate several key galaxy evolutionary processes. A serendipitous observation by the MaNGA survey has revealed a large, asymmetric H$\alpha$ complex with no optical ...