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    • Brownian motion and multidimensional decision making 

      Lange, Rutger-Jan (2012-05-08)
      This thesis consists of three self-contained parts, each with its own abstract, body, references and page numbering. Part I, "Potential theory, path integrals and the Laplacian of the indicator", ...
    • (Convex) Level Sets Integration 

      Crouzeix, Jean-Pierre; Eberhard, Andrew; Ralph, Daniel (Springer, 2015-08-12)
      The paper addresses the problem of recovering a pseudoconvex function from the normal cones to its level sets that we call the convex level sets integration problem. An important application is the revealed preference ...
    • A General Nonlinear Least Squares Data Reconciliation and Estimation Method for Material Flow Analysis 

      Kopec, Grant M.; Allwood, Julian M.; Cullen, Jonathan M.; Ralph, Daniel (Wiley, 2015-10-19)
      The extraction, transformation, use, and disposal of materials can be represented by directed, weighted networks, known in the Material Flow Analysis (MFA) community as Sankey or flow diagrams. However, the construction ...
    • Risk trading and endogenous probabilities in investment equilibria 

      Ralph, Daniel; Smeers, Yves (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2015-12-22)
      A risky design equilibrium problem is an equilibrium system that involves N designers who invest in risky assets, such as production plants, evaluate these using convex or coherent risk measures, and also trade financial ...
    • Stochastic hub and spoke networks 

      Hult, Edward Eric (2011-10-11)
      Transportation systems such as mail, freight, passenger and even telecommunication systems most often employ a hub and spoke network structure since correctly designed they give a strong balance between high service quality ...
    • Supply Function Equilibria: Step Functions and Continuous Representations 

      Holmberg, P.; Newbery, David; Ralph, Daniel (Faculty of Economics, 2008-12)
    • Using EPECs to model bilevel games in restructured electricity markets with locational prices 

      Hu, Xinmin; Ralph, Daniel (Faculty of Economics, 2006-03-14)
      CWPE0619 (EPRG0602) Xinmin Hu and Daniel Ralph (Feb 2006) Using EPECs to model bilevel games in restructured electricity markets with locational prices We study a bilevel noncooperative game-theoretic model of electricity ...