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    • Phenomenology of Production and Decay of Spinning Extra-Dimensional Black Holes at Hadron Colliders. 

      Frost, James Alexander; Gaunt, Jonathan R; Sampaio, Marco Oliveira Pena; Casals, Marc; Dolan, Sam R; Parker, Michael Andrew; Webber, Bryan R (High Energy Physics, Department of Physics,University of Cambridge, 2009-04)
      We present results of CHARYBDIS2, a new Monte Carlo simulation of black hole production and decay at hadron colliders in theories with large extra dimensions and TeV-scale gravity. The main new feature of CHARYBDIS2 is a ...
    • Production and evaporation of higher dimensional black holes 

      Sampaio, Marco Oliveira Pena (2010-07-06)
      This thesis is a study of the theory and phenomenology of trans-Planckian black holes, in TeV gravity extra-dimensional theories. The introduction starts with the motivation for this beyond the Standard Model scenario ...