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    • Maintenance of the marginal-zone B cell compartment specifically requires the RNA-binding protein ZFP36L1. 

      Newman, Rebecca; Ahlfors, Helena; Saveliev, Alexander; Galloway, Alison; Hodson, Daniel James; Williams, Robert; Besra, Gurdyal S et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-06)
      RNA-binding proteins of the ZFP36 family are best known for inhibiting the expression of cytokines through binding to AU-rich elements in the 3' untranslated region and promoting mRNA decay. Here we identified an indispensable ...
    • RNA binding proteins ZFP36L1 and ZFP36L2 promote cell quiescence 

      Galloway, Alison; Saveliev, Alexander; Łukasiak, Sebastian; Hodson, Daniel James; Bolland, Daniel; Balmanno, Kathryn; Ahlfors, Helena et al. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2016-04-22)
      Progression through the stages of lymphocyte development requires coordination of the cell cycle. Such coordination ensures genomic integrity while cells somatically rearrange their antigen receptors (in a process called ...
    • The molecular basis for stability of heterochromatin-mediated silencing in mammals 

      Hiragami-Hamada, Kyoko; Xie, Sheila Q.; Saveliev, Alexander; Uribe-Lewis, Santiago; Pombo, Ana; Festenstein, Richard J. (2009-11-04)
      Abstract The archetypal epigenetic phenomenon of position effect variegation (PEV) in Drosophila occurs when a gene is brought abnormally close to heterochromatin, resulting in stochastic silencing of the affected gene in ...