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    • Measurement of three-dimensional coherent fluid structure in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers 

      Clark, Thomas Henry (2012-07-03)
      The turbulent boundary layer is an aspect of fluid flow which dominates the performance of many engineering systems - yet the analytic solution of such flows is intractable for most applications. Our understanding of ...
    • Simulations of turbulent swirl combustors 

      Ayache, Simon Victor (2012-07-03)
      This thesis aims at improving our knowledge on swirl combustors. The work presented here is based on Large Eddy Simulations (LES) coupled to an advanced combustion model: the Conditional Moment Closure (CMC). Numerical ...
    • Turbulence ingestion noise of open rotors 

      Robison, Rosalyn Aruna Venner (2012-04-10)
      Renewed interest in open rotor aeroengines, due to their fuel efficiency, has driven renewed interest in all aspects of the noise they generate. Noise due to the ingestion of distorted atmospheric turbulence, known as ...