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    • Characterization and mitigation of radiation damage on the Gaia Astrometric Field 

      Brown, Scott William (2011-01-11)
      In November 2012, the European Space Agency (ESA) is planning to launch Gaia, a mission designed to measure with microarcsecond accuracy the astrometric properties of over a billion stars. Microarcsecond astrometry requires ...
    • Exploring gravity 

      Berry, Christopher P. L. (2014-01-07)
      Gravitation is the dominant influence in most astrophysical interactions. Weak-field interactions have been extensively studied, but the strong-field regime remains largely unexplored. Gravitational waves (GWs) are an ...
    • Visualisation of proteomics data using R and Bioconductor 

      Gatto, Laurent; Breckels, Lisa M; Naake, Thomas; Gibb, Sebastian (Wiley, 2015-04-08)
      Data visualization plays a key role in high-throughput biology. It is an essential tool for data exploration allowing to shed light on data structure and patterns of interest. Visualization is also of paramount importance ...