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    • The Neolithic Transition in the Baltic Was Not Driven by Admixture with Early European Farmers 

      Jones, Eppie Ruth; Zarina, G; Moiseyev, V; Lightfoot, Emma; Nigst, Philip Ronald; Manica, Andrea; Pinhasi, R et al. (Elsevier (Cell Press), 2017-02-02)
      The Neolithic transition was a dynamic time in European prehistory of cultural, social, and technological change. Although this period has been well explored in central Europe using ancient nuclear DNA, its genetic impact ...
    • 'Pandora’s box': A textile tool set from a Scythian burial in Ukraine 

      Daragan, M; Gleba, Margarita; Buravchuk, O (Publicacions de la Universitat de València, 2016-11-29)
      Textile tools made of perishable materials such as wood are extremely rare in the archaeological contexts of ancient Mediterranean, but numerous complete and fragmentary boxes containing textile tools and other materials ...
    • The Economics of the Nord Stream Pipeline System 

      Chyong, C.K.; Pierre; David M. (Faculty of Economics, 2010-10-01)
      We calculate the total cost of building Nord Stream and compare its levelised unit transportation cost with the existing options to transport Russian gas to western Europe. We find that the unit cost of shipping through ...