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    • Interview of Michael Allen 

      Allen, Michael (2006-01-13)
      Interview on the life and work of Michael Allen in Nepal, Melanesia and Ireland
    • Lecture by Dr Nicholas Thieberger for the World Oral Literature Project Occasional Lecture Series 

      Thieberger, Nicholas (World Oral Literature Project, 2010-05-07)
      Digital tools are providing exciting new possibilities for linguists and ethnographers to collate and compile fieldwork data, and to share the results with communities of origin. In this lecture, Dr Thieberger will outline ...
    • Natrauswen nig Efat 

      Thieberger, Nicholas (University of Melbourne, Australia, 2011-05)
      This book presents a selection of stories recorded mainly in Erakor village, Efate, Vanuatu since the mid-1990s. This collection of stories is a result of my collaboration with a number of Erakor villagers. The stories ...
    • A South Efate Dictionary 

      Thieberger, Nicholas (University of Melbourne, Australia, 2011-05)
      This dictionary has been the product of collaborative work with a number of speakers of the language of South Efate, central Vanuatu. It is part of an ongoing project that includes the recording of stories in the language, ...