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    • Phylogenetic and environmental context of a Tournaisian tetrapod fauna 

      Clack, Jennifer Alice; Bennett, CE; Carpenter, DK; Davies, SJ; Fraser, NC; Kearsey, TI; Marshall, JEA et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-12-05)
      The end-Devonian to mid-Mississippian time interval has long been known for its depauperate palaeontological record, especially for tetrapods. This interval encapsulates the time of increasing terrestriality among tetrapods, ...
    • The influence of a Teaching School Alliance on classroom staff's professional development 

      Dowling, Simon
      Teaching Schools are an innovation in system-level leadership for educational improvement. Launched in 2010, they are intended to form partnerships or ‘alliances’ with other schools and providers to share learning, excellent ...
    • A transatlantic perspective on 20 emerging issues in biological engineering 

      Wintle, Bonnie C; Boehm, Christian; Rhodes, Catherine Anne; Molloy, Jenny; Millett, Piers; Adam, Laura; Breitling, Rainer et al. (2017-11)
      Advances in biological engineering are likely to have substantial impacts on global society. To explore these potential impacts we ran a horizon scanning exercise to capture a range of perspectives on the opportunities and ...