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    • HST imaging of the dusty filaments and nucleus swirl in NGC4696 at the centre of the Centaurus Cluster 

      Fabian, A. C.; Walker, S. A.; Russell, H. R.; Pinto, C.; Canning, R. E. A.; Salome, F.; Sanders, J. S. et al. (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      Narrow-band HST imaging has resolved the detailed internal structure of the 10 kpc diameter Hα+[NII] emission line nebulosity in NGC4696, the central galaxy in the nearby Centaurus cluster, showing that the dusty, ...
    • NGC 6744 (spiral galaxy) 

      Anon. (Institute of Astronomy Library, 1975)
    • Open Spiral 

      Dale, R. (Institute of Astronomy Library, 2010-05-27)
    • "Skinny Milky Way please", says Sagittarius 

      Gibbons, S. L. J.; Belokurov, V.; Evans, N. W. (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      Motivated by recent observations of the Sagittarius stream, we devise a rapid algorithm to generate faithful representations of the centroids of stellar tidal streams formed in a disruption of a progenitor of an arbitrary ...